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November 22-26, 2023

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April 20-30, 2023

Ron English: Living In Delusionville

United States, 2022 : Canadian Premiere
Archives 2022
In Cinema Globe Cinema
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RON ENGLISH: LIVING IN DELUSIONVILLE explores the impact of corporate messaging through art and its necessary antidote: noncommercial thought-provoking public art.

Artist Ron English plays by his own rules, creating dynamic art across the world which demands dialog and provokes action. From humble Midwestern beginnings, processing the commercial imagery of pop culture into a darker, funnier universe he calls Delusionville, English has pranked and pummeled his way into prominence, influencing generations of artists and laying the groundwork for the explosion of Street Art.

DC Independent Film Festival 2022
Woodstock Film Festival 2022

Constant Van Hoeven (Mr Kaleidoscope) is a Dutch born film director based in Kingston, NY. Van Hoeven started work on LIVING IN DELUSIONVILLE in 2016 after meeting Ron English through a mutual friend and co-producer Andrew Porter. Growing up reading about culture jamming in America and The Situationist International in France, he was more than happy to collaborate on a biopic about the legendary artist and anti-consumerist thinker. What initially was supposed to take 6 months turned into a 6-year journey.

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press for Ron English: Living In Delusionville

"An all-too-short glimpse into one of America’s finest critics of pop culture."
- Washington City Paper
"Dubbed the “Godfather of Street Art” ... the documentary takes a fairly straightforward approach to his work and biography, but it is engaging because English is charismatic, candid and endlessly creative."
- Gambit

screened with a short film


The Last Words Of Scott Moodie

Canada, 2022, 25 m, Director Brandon Kaufman

Shot weeks for his renoviction, THE LAST WORDS OF SCOTT MOODIE gives the titular Montreal artist, bohemian, and man-about-town total control of his narrative. Moodie's stories, which range from the hilarious to the heartbreaking, pile one a top another, keying us into his biography while also raising fundamental questions about gentrification in Montreal, queerness and art, and the broader relationship between art and commerce.


Documentary / Art / Biography

70 minutes


Constant Van Hoeven

Constant van Hoeven
Andrew Porter

Andrew Porter

Ron English
Shepard Fairey
Flavor Flav
Daniel Johnston
Allyson Grey

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Winner, Best Documentary Feature, Washington DC Independent Film Festival 2022