11th CUFF.Docs Documentary Film Festival

November 22-26, 2023

20th Calgary Underground Film Festival

April 20-30, 2023


United Kingdom, United States, Canada, France, 2022/ 2023
Archives 2023
Special Guest!
In Cinema Globe Cinema
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The subjects of these shorts are anything but conventional as they blaze their own paths.

Shorts screened:



2022, 10 m 06 s, United Kingdom, Director Sam Spruell

Robert takes his beloved 3.2 litre saloon for a spin in the neighbourhood. But his world is crumbling, and his car is merely a symptom of male vulnerability and denial.


2022, 7 m 31, United Kingdom, Director Jack Donnelly

Touring actors, Jasper and Dario, arrive at ‘digs’ one evening and walk into a peculiar setup. Unintentionally they inflate tensions with their odd host when one causes a blow-up between him and his unusual ‘wife’.

Other Cats To Nip

2023, 26 m, France, Director Ovidie

At a high school carnival, a respected city English teacher finds herself acting as the famous superhero Catwoman. She wears a costume that allows her to exercise her own superpower: domination.

Everything I Learned When My House Burned Down

2023, 9 m, United States, Director Joe Pickett

After Jacy Catlin burns down his remote log cabin, including all of his family's belongings, he returns to his former home to shoot one last comedy. Co-directed by Catlin and The Found Footage Festival's Joe Pickett, the short film is shot against a backdrop of the remains of Catlin’s actual burned-down home.

Harbor Island

2023, 17 m, United States, Director Calvin Lee Reeder

A comedian lives in a van and records non-sequiturs and dad jokes while stalking the industrial zone at night

Sentimental Value

2023, 12 m 06 s, United States, Director Steve Collins

A trip inside a piano uncovers what's wrong with a depressed musician.

Vertical Valor

2022, 15 m 20 s, United States, Director Alex Kavutskiy

After being drafted for World War III, a group of burnout skateboarders are recruited into a casualty notification unit.

Mikey'S Cubby

2022, 2 m 48 s, Canada (Calgary), Director Fawn Lenna

Computy teaches Mikey about the internet.

Write A Song About Heartache

2023, 13 m, United States, Director Jonny Look

A musician finds a painful shortcut to writing new hits.


Drama / Animation / Dark Comedy

113 minutes

special guest

Several filmmakers in attendance for this package!