Official Selection

CUFF 2020 Film Selection to be announced February 2020.

Submissions open December 10th 2019 and close January 31st 2019.

Get creating!


Previous selections: 

CUFF 2019:


CUFF 2015:

Snowbot: (U) A futuristic animation about a young girl and a robot as they embark on an unconventional friendship. Director: Sally Chittenden. Running time: 5.05

Broadcast: (PG) An experimental short film which aims at exploring the concept of modernity erasing the boundaries between social activism and digital reality. Directors: Mathias Van De Kerckhove, Edward Lomas. Running time: 2.10

Taming of the Shrooms: (12A) – moderate verbal sexual references and drug use. A mockumentary about the rehearsing stage in a newly formed theatre company. Directors: Wafiq Airudin, Jessica Barrett. Running time: 12.22

An Inspector Calls: (U) A documentary about the rehearsing stage in a newly formed theatre production. Directors: Eleanor Girling, Rose-Marie Walker, Magdalena Czana. Running time: 10.55

Her Mind Cries: (12A) A young girl tries to make sense of the challenging world around her, with the help of some new friends. A reflection on life and mourning. Director: Max Hilton. Running time: 17.50

Ride On: (U) An animation short about following one’s dream. Director: Kan Komany. Running time: 3.00

The Last Knife Sharpener: (U) A lyrical travelogue about the search for the last knife sharpener in a picturesque small town in Portugal. Director: Ricardo Guerreiro. Running time: 13.30

Counterpart: (12A) – moderate violence. A short science fiction about the dramatic consequences of the evolution of technology in an upcoming future affecting the lives of a family. Director: Anthony Portsmouth. Running time: 16.14

Living the Dream: (U) A light-hearted documentary gives an insightful view on the life of street buskers in Canterbury. Directors: Dan Lewsey, Pedro Younis. Running time: 10.42

Girl Wanderer: (U) A surreal tale about an adventurous young girl who uses her imagination to transport herself into her own fantasy world. Director: Dillon Beagley. Running time: 4.08

It’s a Seussical Life: (U) A fictionalized tale that depicts poetry, art and music as it explores the peculiar life of Dr. Seuss. Director: David Startup. Running time: 20.00

Broken: (15) The short gives an insight on the overwhelming tension between a couple that cannot overcome a trauma. Director: Jake Hafer. Running time: 15.10

Morning: (12A) – moderate sex language. After an unfortunate event a university couple becomes alienated due to their inability to communicate with or understand each other. Director: Bence Bardos. Running time: 15.46


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